Why We're Building Operator

David Shi
January 5, 2021
"The future is already here – it's just not evenly distributed." - William Gibson 

Data is leverage

Those who wield it effectively will realize incredible results, and those who don’t will find it increasingly hard to compete. Technologists have steadily built on this understanding, creating world-class software that help businesses outsource tasks to machines.

Salesforce is now synonymous with high output sales teams, just like how Shopify is now synonymous with digital commerce. This trend is showing no signs of slowing down. When surveyed by McKinsey, over 81% of business leaders shared that automation was one of their top strategic priorities. Businesses that are able to combine software with human expertise will deliver better products, faster and cheaper than everyone else.

Disrupting siloed data

Despite the rapid rate of adoption, business software and the data that resides within it are mostly siloed. A connected tech stack still remains a pipe dream for most organizations, defeating the main purpose of technology adoption: the seamless operation and integration of every part of the business. Done well, this means instantaneous answers to critical questions and better performance.

Done poorly, siloed data can cause everything from negative customer experiences to lost revenue opportunities and, at its worst, major compliance issues. The status quo solution is akin to building a city without planning. Businesses rely on point integrations and manual work, building a fragile web to hold together their most crucial work.

A distributed brain for every company

Our mission is to build a connective layer that allows businesses to fully leverage their data, making them more resilient and more effective. The number of unique applications that businesses use has risen by 30% year over year, a number that stays consistent at every scale. These applications solve increasingly sophisticated problems, generating valuable data as they are updated and used.

However, most businesses have not come close to realizing the full capabilities of their tools. Companies that adopt more software actually spend more time on manual tasks, if these tools are even used at all. By embedding an intelligent data conductor that routes applications like Stripe and Airtable with warehouses like Snowflake and even spreadsheets, Operator unlocks new efficiency.

With Operator, unexplored connections between different parts of the business suddenly become feasible. Instead of having to write custom scripts, set up infrastructure, and design internal tools, businesses are able to combine and match data from any source that Operator supports.

The dawn of data collaboration

A paradigm shift is on the horizon. As the barriers to generating and capturing data dissolve, barriers to data collaboration will naturally follow.

We are already seeing the first glimpses of this. Technology-enabled lenders connect directly to their customer's accounting stack to verify loan eligibility, drastically improving customer experience and default rates. Federated machine learning technology and other privacy preserving technologies continue to mature, making it possible to build AI models without risking any sensitive data.

Benchmarks around every kind of metric will soon be available, from workforce compensation to fulfillment efficiency and revenue performance. Automation goals will move from data entry tasks to higher order thinking and decision making, allowing for people to focus on the most strategic tasks. In short, businesses that successfully adapt with these changes will have dramatic advantages over those that don't.


We are building Operator to ensure that every business can benefit from the data revolution. If you're interested in learning more or curious about open opportunities, send me an email at david@tryoperator.com. I would love to hear from you.

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