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Operator makes it easy to integrate with apps like Stripe
and Quickbooks Online. Start building today with managed authentication, data pipelines, and data warehousing.

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Manually building integrations is inefficient

Operator upgrades your data workflow so you can move faster.


Generate in-depth reports for clients
and improve delivery times.


Start working with customer data without building and maintaining integrations.


Get up-to-date metrics and KPI's
delivered on every portfolio company.

Operator Platform

All-in-one data integration platform

Get integrations, data warehousing, and pre-built reports in one comprehensive solution.


Start with a connection

Start by connecting your data sources through the app or with a simple form you can embed anywhere.


Get insights fast

Use pre-built templates or custom SQL to build reports, then sync them to your data warehouse.


Hear what Operator customers say

"The ability to perform multiple syncs with one click has increased our efficiency and has helped us to improve the delivery of financial statements and KPI reporting."
Jen Glover
Data Analyst, Fractional CFO
"Operator has made it easy to vet brands upfront, giving us more time to focus on opportunities that are a good fit for our investment thesis."
Sarah Lin
Founder and CEO, Shopify Aggregator
Rows of Data Synced
3 days
Average Deployment Time
Hours Saved Per Report
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