Introducing Operator

Move faster on deals
without sacrificing accuracy

Operator makes it easy to run multiple deal processes at once with a fully managed due diligence service.

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The Problem

Due diligence is slow and costly

Inefficient diligence processes are a bottleneck for critical deals.

Get Funding

Banks require extensive due diligence
before issuing capital.

Underwrite Deals

Due diligence is needed for valuations and cost of capital calculations.

Find Anomalies

Discrepancies and accounting errors
can only be found with due diligence.

How we help

Deal acceleration platform

Operator's software and managed services help you evaluate deals faster.

Deal Management

Manage prospects

Operator makes it easy to see the key metrics of companies in your pipeline.

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Transaction support

Evaluate deals

Operator's managed service delivers accurate due diligence reports faster.

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Data Sources
Automated Checks
Data Points Reviewed
Close deals faster with Operator
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